Letter to the Stakeholders

2023 was characterised by renewed commitment to integrated sustainable management, confirming the growing attention of Acea management and colleagues to the construction of solid foundations for the Group’s future development and the pursuit of sustainable success.


Relations with the stakeholders


of paper saved thanks to the web bill option (+24%)


“Green” energy sold by Acea Energia to customers on the free market (+ 18%)


active prosumers on the energy distribution network managed by Areti (+ 28%)


Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award: 

special award for the institutional campaign Every Drop
of Water

Water Kiosks 

active: 47 million litres supplied, 944t of plastic/year saved and over 2,500 t of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere



on the digital platform the educational programme for schools in 2022-2023 ProteggiAmo l’Ambiente (Let’s Protect the Environment)


inclusion confirmed in 2023 MIB ESG, SE Mid Italian Index, SE European-Utilities Index

2 nd

Green Bond issued by Acea


of total  institutional investors ESG investors

IF Design Award 2023

for the Waidy® Management System (WMS)


signed the National Framework Protocol to Support Legality with the Ministry of the Interior


Acea participated in the ROAD Project (Rome Advanced District) to design useful solutions for the ecological transition and sustainable development

Charter of the Person

Acea adopted the Charter of the Person and Participation to strengthen trade union relations and promote people’s engagement


women on the Acea SpA Board of Directors

hours of training provided in the year, of which 91,352 hours on Health and Safety

+ 1.9

€ billion

the total value of the Order 2023 and 3,500 suppliers  involved

safety inspection

at construction sites: lower incidence of “major” non-conformities


assessed according  to the Ecovadis model (+89%)

We integrate technological innovation and sustainability into the advanced international projects we take part in through the smartification of networks, including in partnership with key sector players.

Relations with the Environment

Dealing with vital resources such as water and energy requires the management of complex infrastructures - networks and plants - in the territories and has important impacts on the community. We are committed to ensuring that these impacts become growth opportunities for us and our stakeholders.



of drinking water is supplied by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, Gori, Gesesa and AdF


of waste water processed by the Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, Gori, Gesesa e AdF treatment plants


analytical determinations on the drinking water supplied by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, Gori, Gesesa and AdF

around %

recovered sludge


of Quality Compost produced (+13%)


of electricity produced  (+13% compared to 2022) by around 29,000 kNm3 of biogas recovered


electricity produced by waste-to-energy


of recovered ash on total produced in the waste-to-energy plants


requested on the electricity distribution network


of the territorial protection index (underground HV network/ total HV network)

2G meters installed in the year


of MV cable modernised and 73 secondary substations renovated for resilience to critical “heat waves” and “flooding” factors


of renewable energy certified G.O. for the Group companies’ electricity consumption equal to around around 99,580 t of CO2 avoided

- %

emissions from electricity sales (market-based) thanks to higher volumes of certified renewable energy sold


of waste recovered on the total waste produced

nearly Mm³

of water used by the Companies comes from recovery