Communication, events and solidarity

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The Communication & Media Relations department of the parent company guides and coordinates communication strategies and initiatives and institutional journalistic and sales information for Acea SpA and its investees, defining the policy and Communication Plan which establish guidelines and development of the Group's image. With reference to financial reporting, the department is responsible for preparing the relative publications and supporting materials. Communication & Media Relations also oversees information coverage by journalists, managing relations with the media and drafting and disseminating press releases, press reviews and organising press conferences for the various business areas. Additionally, it handles publication of all legal, financial and service notices in national and local papers.

It coordinates brand development, corporate identity management, the execution of institutional, advertising and sales campaigns, and organises public and institutional events, developing and managing environmental and solidarity education projects, as well as special and external events intended to strengthen the bond between Acea and local areas.

The Department also organises internal events, internal dissemination of documents, new editorial content and all other types of internal communications, in line with the Group's corporate identity, guaranteeing consistency in communications for all Group companies. Audiovisual activities and photography and video services are also produced in-house, and the Group's modern and historic archives of documents and photographs are managed.

The Department also guarantees the dissemination of a stakeholder engagement culture within the Group while ensuring the quality perceived by customers and provided by the Group's contact channels is measured.
The Communication & Media Relations Function also defines the digital strategy and digital identity, in line with the strategic guidelines decided by Top Management, the positioning of the Group in the digital ecosystem, through the design, development and management of the institutional website and the websites of the companies aligned with the corporate identity. It is responsible for the operational management of social media channels to disseminate and enhance, in addition to news and information about the Group, brand awareness, the Group’s values and mission and the initiatives it carries out during the year.

In 2023, the Group's advertising communications emphasised and supported, as its basic guideline, the issues of sustainability and the energy transition, with a dedicated campaign. Additionally, campaigns were carried out on water and energy savings. More specifically, the Every Drop of Water campaign was carried out internally, focussed on responsible use of water, on air as from March 2023 and further reinforced in August through a radio spot broadcast on the most important stations in Rome (see the dedicated box). Finally, the territory was the focus of a campaign to increase awareness of the Acea OTA2 water bonus (in print and digital in June and July 2023). Also worthy of note was the development of a new institutional advertising topic, intended to raise awareness of the Acea Group's leading role in Italy in the water sector and its commitment to sustainable growth in Italy. This initiative, which involved a press and digital campaign starting in October 2023, will also continue in 2024.


Acea Ato 2’s Every Drop of Water campaign, implemented in 2023, was intended to raise awareness of intentional use of water, while also providing information on best practices to save water. The multi-topic creative project, using direct and immediate communication, called attention to daily habits to adopt to preserve this precious resource. The theme of sustainability was the focus of a campaign that fell within the wheelhouse of the UN Agenda 2030 goals, including goal 6 relative to water, helping to contribute to a growing respect for the environment and natural resources, increasing awareness in the younger generations.
The campaign went on air as from 22 March 2023, on World Water Day, continuing through September, found in the main daily newspapers and on the web with over 30 million impressions, accompanied by large format outdoor publicity with over 3,800 signs.

In July 2023 the campaign was recognised in the 20th Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award – Transport and Energy Category.

Ogni goccia d'acqua

The Group's commitment to sustainability and the environment was also demonstrated by the implementation of a campaign dedicated to energy saving, in print and utilising digital channels on 18 February 2023, on World Energy Effciency Day. Additionally, in July 2023 the Areti campaign on responsible energy use went live, in print and using digital channels. Additionally, also during the summer, radio spots were broadcast on the main stations. Finally, in 2023, in relation to the programme to replace Areti meters with new SM2G meters, four targeted campaigns for Rome municipalities were carried out to inform citizens and help them understand the new techniques used by the new meters. Additionally, to support Acea Energia's activities, a communication campaign con- tinued during the year to increase awareness of the Company, with targeted digital strategy actions.

Also in 2023, the Group’s commitment to students continued with Acea School – ProteggiAmo l’ambiente [Let’s Protect the Environment], a training course that allowed young people to discover the best practices, projects and technologies implemented by the Group to manage the activities sustainably, learning about certain aspects such as alternative energy sources (see the dedicated box).


Acea Scuola Let's Protect the Environment was the title of the 2022- 2023 edition of the educational programme, created by Acea to teach students about sustainability, found in the Acea EcoVillage, a digital platform with animated content by Biagio Venditti and Francesca La Cava, two young actors from the Netflix series “Di4ri”. A multimedia voyage aimed at young people, with videos and quizzes focussed on sustainability and protecting our planet.

The Acea Scuola contest is an educational course, in place for over 20 years, with the goal of promoting environmental training and raising young people’s awareness of the innovative actions, projects and technologies implemented by the Acea Group to preserve the natural environment for future generations.
This education event was offered to students in Rome and the surrounding area in November 2022 and February 2023, and again in April 2023, in open mode available to everyone across Italy for two weeks.
The project ended with the Award Ceremony, held on 31 May 2023 at the Acea headquarters in Piazzale Ostiense, with schools from Roma Capitale. The three schools, which were awarded vouchers to purchase didactic materials, were represented by stu- dents, teachers and principals.

In April 2023, Acea partnered with the European Centre for Tourism and Culture in Rome and the National Roman Museum to develop the exhibit Water in Art and the Art of Water - the Fountains and Nosepipes of Rome.


From 6 April to 31 May 2023 at the Museum of the Baths of Diocletian the Water in Art and the Art of Water - the Fountains and Nosepipes of Rome exhibit was presented, designed and implemented in cooperation with the European Centre for Tourism and Culture in Rome and the National Roman Museum to celebrate the city of Rome through the most noble of the four elements and, simultaneously, inform the greater public about the many Acea initiatives to manage the water system.
Works of arts, archaeological items, projects and photographs were chosen from the materials held by national and municipal museums to demonstrate the essential nature of the work that Acea has done in the capital city for more than 110 years.

The Function manages Acea’s attendance at important events each year. For example, in 2023 the Group participated in the 40th Annual Assembly of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), held in Genoa in October (see the box for more information). In November, Acea also renewed its active presence at Ecomondo, confirming its “green” calling and presenting several particularly innovative and sustainable projects (see the dedicated box in Relations with the Environment, Environmental Sustainability and the Main Challenges).


Acea participated in the 40th Annual Assembly of Italian Municipalities, held in Genoa from 24-26 October 2023, with a stand that highlighted the activities managed and the Group companies that provide services to local areas and the community. Within the stand were thematic areas with a strategic focus on the Group's main business areas - water, environment, energy infrastructure, electricity - showing visitors (institutions, journalists, workers and local administrations) the most important projects carried out and demonstrating its expertise and know-how.

Every year Acea opens its plants to visitors interested in technical/scientific impacts and to students, thanks to the willingness of employees who show them around: in 2023 150 people were welcomed, in 6 visits.

Communication on the digital channels, web and social media, is handled by the Digital Media Unit, in the context of the Department, in line with the Group’s digital strategy and digital identity and reflecting its values, mission and industrial positioning.

The institutional website ( tells Acea’s story, highlighting how it operates. The site is constantly updated and has a clear organisation of information with corporate content as well as the services and initiatives of Acea, and allows for a fluid and intuitive navigation, with distinctive graphics, consistent with the Group’s brand identity, and a particular focus on visual communication. In 2023, in line with Acea’s rebranding, the updating and publication of the new logo and new visual guidelines for the corporate site took place, as well as reorganisation of press releases, thanks to a new system of categories and tags, to make it easier and clearer for users to consult them. Additionally, during the year technical implementation related to site accessibility continued, in particular in the water section, with the aim of making it increasingly simple to consult the site, including by users with disabilities.

Acea’s commitment to eective communication, in terms of the transparency and quality of the content available on its institutional website, has also been recognised in its placement in sector rankings. The company has been found on the .trust list since the first edition in 2019 and was classified among the Narrators: companies that are effectively able to present their role and communicate the same, both internally and externally, serving as a reference point for stakeholders. In the 2023 edition, Acea improved its placement, going from Silver to Gold, the highest level.

On the Acea website during the year initiatives undertaken to ensure continuity of service and connect with the community were highlighted.
Information was given about the main events in 2023 organised by the Group or in which it took part, highlighting the events with which Acea associates its brand, through sponsorships (see the dedicated paragraph below), such as the Rome Marathon and the Film Festival. As well as being dealt with in the “Stories” and “Our Commitment” sections, sustainability is highlighted on all pages of the website as a key element for the Group's growth and value creation, with references to dedicated initiatives and projects in each area. In particular, in 2023 issues of social sustainability were highlighted, with the creation of a new section dedicated to “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion”, to help establish these issues as distinctive elements in the Group's mission.

Also with reference to sustainability and the commitment to the circular economy, during the year the content found in the Environment section was reorganised, to take advantage of the Group's position and its significant engineering and industrial know-how, also in the waste treatment sector. Again in 2023, a section was created on the website dedicated to Acea projects financed through the NRRP, focussing on the local areas affected by each initiative. Furthermore, the website highlighted the main lighting of monuments or institutional sites by Acea, in coordination with the Public Administration, on particular anniversaries, for example to raise awareness among citizens for the prevention of diseases such as breast cancer or other events with a high social impact.

Every year, on the occasion of the Shareholders' Meeting, the Acea Group's "Navigable Financial Statements" are published on the website, making the Consolidated Financial Statements and Sustainability Report available for viewing in interactive mode, with open data and multimedia content. The online reports present Acea's results, values and projects and allow visitors to grasp the multiple connections that link the two annual reports on one screen. As in the previous year, in 2023 a navigable version of Acea Ato 2’s Sustainability Report was created.
The website also performs a service function, with the timely publication of notices about any water stoppages affecting the areas where the Company operates. For several years, it has provided data about emissions, monitored in real time, from the Group's two waste-to-energy facilities and the Tor di Valle power plant, and the main parameters of the quality of the water supplied by companies that operate in the industry can be consulted online.

During the year, the Areti website was updated (, which oers informational content to electricity distribution users, developing interactive components to improve navigation. The Acea Innovation mini-website (, hosted within the Group's website, is also a contact channel for customers interested in the various services available: sustainable mobility, widespread composting and energy upgrading; during 2023, the section on electric mobility ICT services was updated.

The Group’s site, found at, saw a total of around 4 million page views in 2023, equal to around 2.5 million visits. The vast majority of visits in terms of connection method were made through a desktop, representing 89.6% of visits (2,240,815), followed by mobile telephones, representing 10.2% (254,162) and, residually, representing 0.2%, connections using tablets (4,520), with just one visit coming via smart tv.

The Acea Energia website (, dedicated to free market electricity and gas sales, over 1.5 million visits were registered in 2023. Desktops, representing 60% of views, continued to be the most used device, followed by mobile telephones at 38%, while views coming from tablets remained stable, at 2%. Additionally, for the first time a few visits were made through smart tvs. The website has user-friendly navigation to help customers, in addition to sections devoted to “guides” and “stories”, where insights are provided on topics such as innovation in the energy sector, wind energy, e-mobility, energy saving, etc., which account for around 24% of total visits to the site from Google.

On the website, dedicated to Acea Energia customers on the greater protection service, 768,086 visits were registered in 2023, with 83.7% made through desktops, 16% through mobile telephones and 0.3% through tablets.

Lastly, on Areti’s website (, around 740,000 page views were recorded in 2023, equal to more than 197,000 visits; again in this case the connection method via desktop prevailed – around 62% of accesses (122,805) – followed by mobile telephone – around 37% of accesses (72,988) – and by tablet – for around 1% (1,576 accesses).

Chart no. 32 – Acea corporate website 2023: access methods

Chart no 32

Acea continues to strengthen its social media presence, increasing the number of followers (see the dedicated box) thanks to an effective storytelling strategy and specific content for each channel, with the aim of highlighting the elements that characterise the Group’s commitment, in line with the communication tone of the institutional website. In 2023, in line with Acea’s rebranding, the new logo and new visual guidelines were established for all the Group's social communications.


Acea has consolidated its presence on the main social channels during 2023. Here are the key figures:

  • the Acea Group's Facebook account saw significant growth, achieving a fan base of 15,249 followers, around 98% more than in 2022, generating 200,927 interactions. The increase in the follower base further strengthened the company's presence, focussed on corporate content and on the cultural events it supports;
  • the Instagram account also saw growth, reaching 6,516 followers (around 14% more than in 2022), generating 10,263 interactions. The direct and informal communication strategy helped to tell the story of Acea’s commitment to the local area in an en- gaging way, helping to strengthen relations with the community;
  • the X profile (formerly Twitter) remained stable with 5,343 followers (+0.8% compared to 2022), generating 2,137 interactions. This channel continues to serve as a reference point for interaction with institutional stakeholders and to provide updates on corporate content and the Group's results;
  • the LinkedIn profile saw 18.5% growth with respect to 2022, with 88,999 followers in 2023, confirming the upward trend;
  • the YouTube profile, which offers the videos created by Acea, has 1,410 subscribers (+10% with respect to 2022).

The Group is also present on Facebook and Instagram with Acea Energia. Both channels were used for the promotion of electricity and gas offers and for the dissemination of commercial initiatives on the free market. Facebook and Instagram respectively reached 16,638 (+3.5% compared to 2022) and 2,410 followers (+32% compared to 2022) and both have become important touchpoints for managing customer requests, also by inviting customers to use online services available in the MyAcea customer area of the web-site

Areti strengthened its presence on LinkedIn, reaching 3,309 followers (+42.7% with respect to 2022) and consistently represent- ing its values and mission.


The Media Relations Unit monitors relations with national and local media, in a spirit of mutual respect for roles and cooperation, with the aim of conveying the correct corporate image and position of the Group through the media.

Press releases and press conferences in 2023 disclosed the economic results achieved, the initiatives carried out by the Group and information of public interest relating to the provision of services. Media Relations, together with the Digital Media Unit and in coordination with other competent Functions/Departments of the Holding Company, handles the dissemination of press releases relating to major corporate events, such as the Shareholders’ Meeting and the approval of the financial statement figures. Through press articles, television, radio and web reports, the Unit ensured media coverage of the main events and initiatives carried out by the Group, with particular focus on improving corporate communication content.

The constant interaction with the operating companies allows the Unit to provide feedback on reports of ineffciencies coming from the media, interacting with press editors to have the company’s replies published. Media Relations manages the national and local press review on a daily basis. This activity is complemented by the transmission of additional and timely information about the Group or relevant to the business managed, thanks to the regular monitoring of press agencies and the web (web news, social media and blogs).

Among the communications that accompanied the initiatives of particular importance during 2023 are, by way of example:

  • communication about the water sector, with actions associated with financing received from the EIB to improve the quality and resilience of the water service, ARERA bonuses received due to Acea Ato 2 performance, the publication of water projects financed by the NRRP on the website, press releases on recognition received for the innovative Acea Waidy Management System platform, on partnerships and agreements signed with important companies and entities, including the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Acquedotto Pugliese, BF, ANBI and Coldiretti. Also note the communication about the demerger project to spin off activities in the integrated water service management business unit; communication projects for World Water Day, in particular to publicise participation in the Waters: the Earth Is Thirsty for Concrete Action event;
  • communication about the Rome waste-to-energy plant project, in particular the press release issued when the indication of interest was presented;
  • with reference to initiatives regarding electricity infrastructure, communication regarding the approval of the settlement proposal with Roma Capitale for public lighting, the communication on the presentation of a project financing proposal to Roma Capitale to assign the public lighting service and network and innovative smart city services, communications regarding progress on the RomeFlex project to improve the flexibility of the electricity network;
  • corporate communications on the completion of the Simam and Deco acquisitions and the business combination between Acea and ASM Terni; communications on the issuing and placement of a green bond, and communication regarding the Moody’s rating;
  • communications regarding sustainability, including those on the improvement pursued in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, validation by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) of the climate altering emission reduction goals, communication on participation in the “I will use less light” and the World Energy Saving Day, communications regarding the Sustainable Development Festival for special lighting of the Cestia Pyramid, communications on the Group's presence at the international COP28 and the Ecomondo fair in Rimini;
  • communications regarding the HR sector, such as that following Top Employer certification, initiatives following the signing of the “Charter of the Person and Participation” with trade unions, for example, the signing of the Code for Responsible Companies to Support Natality, promoted by the Ministry of Family, Natality and Equal Opportunity;
  • communications issued during the year on cultural initiatives, including the discovery during excavation work of an important statue of an individual from the imperial age, support for the “Water in Art and the Art of Water” exhibition and the lighting of the Domus Tiberiana;
  • communications relating to Acea programmes aimed at young people, such as the launch and completion of the school-to- work programme called GenerAzione 2030 and the launch of the second phase (2023) of the 2022-2023 edition of Acea Scuola.

The Media Relations unit also guaranteed, through print articles, television, radio and web items, media coverage of the main events and initiatives which Acea carried out or participated in through value liberality and sponsorships, including the Christmas luminaries in Via del Corso, participation in the Roma Film Festival and support for the Rome Marathon.


The economic value distributed to the community (in terms of sponsorships, trade fairs, conferences, etc.) in 2023 is approximately €4.7 million114 (€6.3 million in 2022). Of this amount, some €545,000 have been earmarked for sponsoring cultural, social and sporting events. Allocations by way of donations for major initiatives amounted to approximately €1.4 million (€1.8 million in 2022).

Acea offers its services, such as electricity and water supplies or switching public lighting on/off, on the occasion of events and special circumstances of a symbolic or community nature, for example, special lighting/switching off events at the Colosseum, carried out on the National Day Against Eating Disorders, on Global Multiple Sclerosis Day, during breast cancer prevention month, on Cities for Life/Cities Against the Death Penalty Day; at the Senate Building, including for the I Will Use Less Light event, for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and for Global Multiple Sclerosis Day, to show solidarity with the Region of Emilia Romagna and the Maghrebi people; at the Lazio Region Building, for special occasions, including the Pink October Campaign, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, for International Blood Donor Day, for the National Day for Patient Safety, for International Autism Awareness Day, for Global Alzheimers Awareness Day, for Chronic Intestinal Disease Day, special lighting at the Cestia Pyramid for the Sustainable Development Festival and of the Triton Fountain for AISLA Onlus, 16th National SLA Day. These services, referred to as 'technical sponsorships', had a total economic value of around €223,000 in 2023.

The company participates in the main events related to its business activities and supports, every year, including with sponsorships, initiatives considered of high cultural and social value for the development of the areas it operates in and for the benefit of the community (see also the summary boxes at the end of the section). The Sponsorship and Value Liberality Function advises on and manages requests from the entire region and from the Group’s corporate structures, to submit them for the assessment of the Committee for the Region, a corporate body that consults, assesses and issues opinions, as well as monitoring the sponsorship and donation processes, in order to guarantee sound and virtuous development of relations with the territories in which the Acea Group operates. The applications approved by the Committee for the Region are subject to Integrity Due Diligence, for an ethical and reputational assessment of the applicants, according to best practices.

In 2023, Acea continued to support certain hospitals allocating a portion of the funds set aside for sponsorships, in particular Policlinico Umberto I, which since 2022 has been constructing a new cancer centre, which should be completed in 2024.


Again in 2023, Acea carried out the Acea for the Community social project, dedicated to senior citizens and promoted together with the Rome Department of Social Policy, the Heads of the Roma Capitale Municipalities and the relevant municipalities in the wider Rome area.

The project, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, involves 1.5 hour training sessions at senior centres in the Municipality of Rome and the communities in the wider Rome area on issues such as: the water cycle, protecting water, the supplemental water bonus and how to request it, energy saving, sustainability and conscientious consumption.
In 2023, Acea improved the project thanks to cooperation with the Carabinieri, who sent a representative to various meetings on the delicate subject of fraud and misleading information provided to senior citizens for water and electricity services. On the occasion of these meetings, Acea donated a tablet to the senior centre to allow those interested to communicate with the Acea virtual branch through videocalls. Additionally, small gifts were distributed to incentivise water/energy saving, such as insulating water bottles and low consumption light bulbs.

The Group also sought to contribute to cultural events and events of social interest, for the relaunch of the territory and the well-being of citizens. Among the main events supported in 2023, note the Atlante women's photography exhibit (Terres des hommes) at Museo Maxxi. To promote theatre, musical and cinema activities, Acea once again joined the Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera di Roma as a private member and sponsored shows by that theatre and by Caracalla. It also sponsored the 2023 editions of the Film Festival at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, as well as other similar local initiatives, such as the Festival dello Stupore and the International Jewish Culture Festival.

Among the main sporting events during the year, as usual Acea linked its brand to the most important running competition in the capital: the Rome Marathon - Acea Run Rome The Marathon, held on 19 March 2023. The Group also sponsored numerous other sporting events and teams, including Rugby Perugia, A.S.D. Pink Basket Terni, Volley Group Roma, ASD Circolo Pattinatori Grosseto 1951, and, as every year, initiatives aimed at young people, such as Volley Scuola -Acea Trophy (see the dedicated box) and Acea Camp. This last project, which began in 2015 thanks to an idea of Carlton Myers and with support from Acea, offers thousands of children aged 6 to 16, in the summer after the school year ends, the opportunity to play individual and team sports, at a sustainable cost for families and accepts, first of all, those with greater economic needs. The 2023 edition of Acea Camp was held between 19 June and 21 July.


With a focus on the promotion of the values conveyed by sports, every year Acea supports events that concern children, combining them with awareness of sustainability issues. In particular, the Volley School Tournament-Acea Trophy saw its thirtieth edition in 2023 and, organised by FIPAV Lazio, saw the participation of around 120 secondary schools in Rome and the province. The tournament has always been inspired by strong ethical values and has transformed, over time, into a workshop of ideas with an educational purpose, adding an educational element to the sport, through seminars on civic education, in-person or remote events with figures and experts from different sectors, and the creation of publications. The celebration of World Water Day and World Food Day, topics such as bullying, cyberbullying and the values of sport have become part of education guidance and also constituted an excellent catalyst for students during the pandemic.

For the 2023 edition of the Volley School Tournament, six seminars were held for the students, all in person, which were all recorded and then sent to around 100 schools. The first was held on 22 March, on World Water and Food Day, the second on 5 April, on World Sport Day, the third on 21 April, on Earth Day, the seminar on 28 April was on the topic of bullying, while on 5 May the focus was on Road Safety Day, and the final seminar was on 16 October on World Food Day. On 11 May the finals were held for the 2023 edition of the Beach Volley School - Acea Trophy at “La Spiaggia” in Ostia, with around 300 athletes from the male and female juniores category, while the indoor finals were held on 24 and 25 May at Palafonte in Rome. Following the event, on 30 May the students who participated in Volley School-Acea Trophy met in Rome, at the headquarters of Corriere dello Sport, where the awards were presented for the winners of the five Volley School competitions (“Tell Us Volley School”, “Click and Volley”, “Comics on the Net”, “Conscientious Water Use Slogan” and “WFO and Nutrition”).

The following boxes describe some of the main events supported by the Acea Group in 2023, through sponsorships or donations.


  • contribution as private partner and sponsor of the 2022/2023 theatre season of the Rome Opera Theatre (Rome Opera Theatre Foundation)
  • partner and sponsor of the 18th Rome Film Festival, held from 18 to 29 October 2023, which saw the organisation of showings, exhibitions, meetings and events, welcoming directors and international stars (Fondazione Cinema di Roma)
  • representation costs for the Atlante women's photography show, 2023/2024 season (Fondazione Terres des Hommes Italia)
  • sponsor of the International Jewish Culture Festival, held from 25 - 28 June 2023 at various locations in the Jewish neighbourhood of Rome (ARTIX cooperative)
  • representation costs for the Festival dello Stupore on “Magic Water: the wonder of the vital element”, held in the Tor Bella Monaca neighbourhood of Rome from 28 - 30 September 2023 (Comunita’ di Sant’Egidio)
  • sponsor of the 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, an important project at the international level, dedicated to young people and families, involving thousands of young people every year and in 2023 held from 20 - 29 July 2023 in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno)
  • sponsor, also through Group companies, of various cultural initiatives and events outside of Rome, including the Reate Festival 2023, with theatre events held in various locations in Rieti and Rome from 28 September to 13 December 2023 (Fondazione Flavio Vespasiano); the event ECOMED-Progetto Comfort – Green Expo for the Mediterranean, dedicated to the presentation of innovative solutions for sustainable development and the circular economy, held from 19 - 21 April 2023 in Catania (Amazing Events); the Orvieto Cinema Fest, (Orvieto Cinema Fest ODV) and Orvieto Summer Nights (Associazione Cantiere Orvieto), FLA – Festival di Libri e Altrecose, held from 19 - 21 April 2023 in Pescara (Associazione Culturale Mente Locale); the 1st Colleferro International Opera Competition “Young People City 2023”, held from 26 - 27 October 2023, to identify new young musical talent (APS L’Araba Fenice libero pensiero per il bene comune).
  • technical sponsorship of the initiative “I will use less light (M'illumino di meno) 2023”, with the switching off of the Senate Palace to raise awareness of energy saving
  • technical sponsorship for the 2023 Sustainable Development Festival, involving the projection of the UN SDG logo on the Pyramid of Cestius.


  • solidarity contributions to improve or equip healthcare infrastructure for Policlinico Umberto I (cancer centre)
  • contribution to the 2023 Fiaba Day event (XXI edition), organised in Rome on 1 October 2023, to promote discussion and awareness of issues relating to the removal of architectural, psychological and sensory barriers, to ensure equal opportunities, accessibility and usability for everyone (Fiaba Non-profit)
  • contribution to tablets donated to senior centres involved in the Acea for the Community initiative, in various municipalities of Rome.
  • participation in, through technical sponsorships, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, World Autism Awareness Day, National Day Against Eating Disorders, the campaign to raise awareness against the death penalty, the Pink October 2023 initiatives and numerous other events through technical sponsorship, including special lighting at the Senate Building, the Colosseum and the headquarters of the Lazio Region.


  • sponsor of Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2023, the 42 km competitive road race, held in the capital on 19 March 2023, is the one with the most spectators (Infront Italy) and the most Italian and foreign athletes participating.
  • support for sports activities and events in operating areas outside of Rome: basketball (ASD Pink Basket Terni, Pallacanestro Senigallia), football (USD Monterotondo Marittimo, ASD Real Monterotondo scalo, ASD La Boracifera), running (ASD Filippide, Amatori Podistica Terni, Corri i Castelli), paraolympic fencing (world championship), rugby (Rugby Perugia), and volleyball (Volley Group Roma)
  • title sponsor of the 2023 edition of the Volley Scuola Tournament - Acea Trophy, dedicated to secondary schools in Rome and the province, organised by FIPAV Lazio; again in 2023 the sporting aspect of the event was accompanied by educational elements, with seminars on civil education and meetings with personalities and experts from various sectors (FIPAV Lazio)
  • sponsor of Acea Camp 2023, the event aimed at students, in June and July, with the aim of introducing and disseminating the practice of sports and raising awareness of social and environmental issues (Never Give Up)
  • sponsor of Run For Autism 2023, the 10 km competitive race and 5 km open to all, held in Rome on 2 April 2023 and promoted by Progetto Filippide, to raise awareness of autism and give hundreds of young people from all over Italy a special day (A.S.D. Sport and Society Association - Filippide Project Rome)
  • sponsor of the National Seria A Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2023, to promote the sport among young people with physical disabilities, organising games (ASD Amicacci Abruzzo)
  • sponsor of the 2023 "I’m Separating Wastes Too" project for schools, which combines sports activities with educational activities on circular economy issues (ASD Virtus Basket Aprilia).

114 This item also includes expenses incurred for “trade fairs and conference” but not “technical” sponsorships.