Community life at Acea

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Some structures perform work of a social nature, directly involving employees: the Company Recreational Club (CRC), the Gold Medal Association and the Association of Christian Italian Workers (ACIW). 4,745 members were enrolled in the Company Recreational Club in 2023.

The CRC was responsible for managing the company’s crèche, open to children of employees and children of residents of Municipality I, and accommodating 35 children in the first half of 2023 and 28 in the second half.

The Club oers cultural, sport, tourism, economic, commercial ini- tiatives and personal services, and its aim is to enhance the free time of its members, without losing sight of aspects of social interest. An important solidarity tool among employees is the Emergency Fund: an initiative in support of the relatives of deceased, in-service or retired employees. All employees can join by signing a form, which they must send to the Human Resources Function or to the CRC, in which they authorise the deduction from the payroll of a small contribution that is allocated to the Fund. These internal solidarity tools, available to company sta, also take effect in special circumstances, to support individual employees suffering difficulties.

The Company Recreational Club enters into agreements for employees and their families with institutions that offer health services, dental services, legal advice, etc. and active commercial agreements, sports ticket sales, theatre and music events, which can be viewed on a dedicated portal with constantly updated contents and accessible on the Intranet ( It is also responsible for informing employees, by sending newsletters.

The Association of Christian Italian Workers (ACLI) at Acea promotes social initiatives, solidarity and support. Examples of that support are the presence of the Chaplain from whom employees can seek guidance, and the organisation of meetings for families, also with the intention of creating a support network for employees. The association is also involved in providing services such as mortgage and loan advice, school assistance for children of employees attending lower and upper-secondary schools, and various other initiatives benefiting employees, such as the organisation of language courses and cultural and sports activities. Again in 2023, the ACLI supported social initiatives in the local area (Food Bank, Caritas, etc.).

Chart no. 47 – Members that have used CRC services (2023)

Chart 47